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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Roundup of Past Day of the Dead Posts

Posted by Anne Damon in Day of the Dead, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Day of the Dead is coming soon and in many places in Mexico, people are preparing for this special holiday. Today I thought I'd link you up to the posts I've done in the past about the amazing and beautiful holiday, Día de los Muertos. This is a roundup of old posts, so remember that the links are likely not working on the photos if the pieces have sold.

If you are interested in our current inventory of Day of the Dead folk art check here.

Day of the Dead Matadors

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What's the Difference between Day of the Dead and Halloween?

Posted by Anne Damon in Day of the Dead   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Now that the Day of the Dead folk art is all over the shop, I've had people who are not familiar with Day of the Dead walk in, look around and say,  "It's like Halloween in Mexico, right?" 
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My Favorite Reference & Inspirational Books about Mexican Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

I am always learning about Mexican folk art and love to do it in different ways--traveling, talking to artisans, Pinterest, Los Amigos del Arte Popular, internet sites and blogs but I always fall back on my library of books. Some of these books are classics for the Mexican folk art aficionado and others are just great eye candy. I like to use them for reference and for inspiration.


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Mexican Day of the Dead Themed Weddings

Posted by Anne Damon in Day of the Dead, Fiesta, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

More and more people are really starting to "get" Day of the Dead. It's not a scary time in the Mexican world view, but a time for remembering and honoring people who are important. It is a time to do things to continue the connection that was started in life. If you are even remotely thinking about having a Día de los Muertos themed wedding, now is the time to get your supplies. Day of the Dead is coming up on November 1 and 2, so the folk art is starting to become available at Zinnia Folk Arts.  If you have an idea of something you'd like, you can special order and we'll pick it up on our next trip to Mexico in October, 2014.

Watch for more later from me about the super important holiday of Day of the Dead, but today I want to mention a trend that is becoming more popular: Day of the Dead Themed Weddings.  This lovely photo of the wedding cake with the calacas (skeletons) in the foreground is just one way to use Mexico's Day of the Dead folk arts in your wedding...This wedding photo is from right here.  If you're interested in these exact calacas, they can be found on our website in two sizes, so check these out!


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How I Live With Mexican Folk Art

Zinnia’s Anne Damon brings her worldview to an American classic

Stylemaker: Zinnia Folk Arts' Anne Damon
Photo by Photo by Alex Steinberg


Stylemaker: Anne Damon

What are your favorite places to shop in the Twin Cities?
Arc’s Value Village, Guild Collective, Hunt & Gather

Aside from Mexico, what other countries interest you?
I’m currently obsessed with Australia—there’s so much cool, creative stuff going on there!

Which local artists do you love?
I love Minnesota landscape artists, especially Fred Anderson, Tom Maakestad, Carl Oltvedt, and my brother, Paul Damon.

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Collecting and Displaying Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in Living With Folk Art, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Everyone has a different idea of home and how to select and arrange objects, whether it's folk art or other treasured belongings. Here are a few shots of living with folk art and a few simple ideas for collecting and displaying. Want more? Follow our Living With Folk Art Board on Pinterest.

1. Collections should be personal. They should always be what YOU want to collect.

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Mexican Silver Arracada or Crescent Hoop-Shaped Earrings

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican silver jewelry   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

One of the most common shapes for handmade earrings in Mexico is the "arracada" or crescent shaped. Many, many women wear arracadas made from sterling silver or gold. I've been told that In some regions (Zacatecas) the arracada earring is a gift to a very young girl from her relatives and she wears them exclusively. Some arracadas

Mexican Arracada Earrings

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Tacky Collections?

Posted by Anne Damon in Living With Folk Art, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

We all know I've been a collector of Mexican stuff for a long time but I have a few things that I collect that you'll never see in the shop because they are so tacky no one would ever buy them! I am good at staying away from really bad ceramics, souvenirs such as ashtrays and shot glasses with the name of Mexican vacation spot, anything black velvet, Mexican sombreros, BUT, I do have a weakness for some tacky stuff that in my little weird world of "grouping multiples together"works for me and increases the coolness.  For example,

I love those old Mexican feather paintings of exotic birds! And those carved wooden frames--fantastic. Yes, I know they are super tacky but don't they look great all clumped together? This is the back office of the Zinnia world HQ. They started their lives in the 1950's as souvenirs for American visitors to Mexico. They all pretty much have the same tag on the back that describes (in English) the story of feathercraft. And note that this souvenir was $1.65. Every one is different, brightly colored and super tacky. Love it.

Do you collect anything that you'd only keep in your private office or somewhere out of the way?


Big and Small Mexican Jewelers

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexico Trips   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Taxco, Mexico is one of the largest silver jewelry producing locations in the world. Within Taxco there are large silver shops with hundreds of employees and tiny little workshops run by one silversmith. Here's a photo of the back room of one of the bigger ones for buyers of jewelry for resale. All of those little bins in the background contained a unique type of bracelet, earring, necklace etc. I was amazed at the organization and as you can see, these lovely young women are packing up some bracelets for me...
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Artesanos of Rural Mexico

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexico Trips   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
I like to visit artisans wherever I go, whether it's Mexico City, a small pueblito or a medium sized town. It's always so rewarding to learn more about the process of making their art and to see where the magic happens. On this trip...   read more
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