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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Sunday in Mexico City

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexico Trips   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Due to a little problem with my USBank debit card (ie not able to get cash) I was forced to not shop today, so here are a few photos of what to do in Mexico City when one can't shop for folk art....


Buying Trip

I'm off to Mexico to starting buying for the holidays! This trip will take me to Mexico City, Taxco, Michoacán and Guadalajara. Lots of destinations in a fairly short amount of time so visualize me scurrying between artists' workshops, homes, mercados, riding buses, taxis and subways and carrying lots of packages! I hope to write some posts and post photos to Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram as I go, but I never know what the internet connectivity will be. Adios for now!

Day of the Dead Skeleton


Best Video about Mexico City Ever

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexico Trips, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
This video was filmed in 2011 but it is still the best, most artistic and creative video about Mexico City,
one of the most interesting cities in the world. Enjoy!

13 Cool And Interesting Facts About the Spanish Language

Posted by Anne Damon in Speaking Spanish   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
13 Cool and Interesting Facts about the Spanish Language and BOOM, in an infographic format...

Mexican Folk Art Vases for Summer Bouquets

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican ceramics   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Need some ideas of perfect summer gifts to hold those gorgeous blooms? Click on the title to take you to the full post...

Handpainted Mexican Plates in the Talavera Style

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican ceramics   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Almost every region of Mexico has a unique style of ceramic dish, cooking or serving ware, made from the clay and organic materials that are available in the region. Some areas specialize in brown clay, others in white. Some areas burnish their clay work, others glaze it, others hand paint and glaze. Some regions are famous for a certain color combination and others leave their ceramics...CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ THE FULL POST...

Living With Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in Living With Folk Art   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Living With Folk Art, Zinnia Folk Arts


Sometimes I'm told, "I don't have a Mexican house" as if that's supposed to be a reason to not love, enjoy, purchase handmade art from Mexico! Really. Well, guess what? You don't have to have a Mexican house or a Southwestern house or even enjoy crazy mixed up bohemian style to purchase and enjoy folk art. Here are a few examples of how people have integrated masks, textiles, carvings, religious iconography and lots of other handmade folk art objects into their non-Mexican house.

Not sure how to arrange all of your amazing folk art pieces? Take a look at this!

Do you love Otomi embroidery? How about framing it? Or making it into a lampshade? Or just hanging it behind the sofa?

Or do you like lots of different pieces of folk art but don't know how to make them hang together?

Adding masks to your wall expresses yours and their personalities.

Almost every country has textile artisans who make beautiful rugs, belts, tablerunners, pillows or other things. Take a look at this house decorated with textiles from Estonia.

If you're still stuck, follow this board on Pinterest and you'll get more ideas!




Handmade Folk Art Graduation Gifts

Posted by Anne Damon in Frida Kahlo, Gift ideas   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Are you celebrating a graduation soon? Do you remember what an exciting time it was to be thinking ahead to who-knows-what-is-going-to-happen? Especially those high school graduations...18 year olds anticipating college and having so much to look forward to and so much to celebrate. But no matter the graduation, it never really gets old to celebrate the accomplishment, the hard work and the anticipation of what comes next. One of my friends just completed her PhD and we're having a party at our house this weekend to celebrate and I'm going to my niece's high school graduation on Sunday. So, naturally, I have graduation gifts and parties on the mind!

Here are a few ideas for you if you do too!

We have some really beautiful bracelets in the shop right now. They were handmade by a local Guatemalan artisan and there are two styles--the long wrap above which goes around most wrists five times. It's $128 and they are not in the online shop but just call or email us at info@zinniafolkarts.com and we can get it to you. The long wrap comes in lime green or brown too.

Guatemala Wrap Bracelet

The bracelets above are in the online shop and are a single bracelet but made to look like a four wrap. They latch with a button closure. Several different colors available. $110 each.

Frida Kahlo Nicho Box

Any Spanish Majors? They all know Frida Kahlo and many of them adore her. How about this unique and lovely nicho box? She's one of the most popular women icons in the world and she's arguably more famous than her husband, Diego Rivera, especially among women.

And if you want to send a little luck and love in the direction of the new graduate, there's nothing better than a milagro covered heart. This is one of our most popular gifts at every time of the year. Milagros are metal charms that signify different objects or events (the cool thing is that you can interpret them any way you want) and the word means, "miracle." These hearts, with wings or without, come in various sizes and are lovely on the wall or on top of a stack of papers as a paperweight.

See anything you like? If the photo is clickable, it will take you to the website...if not, send us an email at info@zinniafolkarts.com and we can make arrangements to get it to you or your graduate!


Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Posted by Anne Damon in Oaxaca, Wood Carvings   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

I received a request to write about Mexican wood carvings and show off the ones we currently have in the shop! Thanks so much for asking for the information and I'm happy to oblige!

I've written about them a couple of times before, here and here, and the basic message is the same. The carvings are hand done with a machete (!) from a soft wood called "copal"  that is common to the Oaxaca area--though less and less common as carvers harvest it for their work. The carving is usually done by the men though there are some women in San Martin Tilcajete who carve and paint. But usually, it's the men who carve and the women who paint. Some married couples create together which is the case of some of my favorite carvers, the Xuana family.

The Xuana's style is exemplified by the meticulous painting in the pieces below. This amazing black cat was painted by Flor.

The gorgeous black bear below was carved and painted by one of the Xuana cousins.

Look at the precision of the painting on the good witch below--and her super hip, right now outfit of stripes and patterns...

For more Xuana works...check here and here and here...

There are MANY other carvers and many different styles varying from more rustic works from La Union to the semi-rustic but still sophisticated works from Arrazola. Here are a few more examples that are currently in the shop (5/22/14).

Another one of my favorite carvers is Eloy Santiago. He carved this amazing piece of the father and son off to the mercado. There are piglets on one side of the horse and chickens on the other. Truly magnificent!

The third carving village in Oaxaca is Arrazola and the two pieces below come from there. LOOK at the detail on this foxy creature....

And last is this charming mother opossum and her three babies. Carved by Armando Jimenez, grandson of Miguel Jimenez who started ALL of the wood carving industry in the Oaxaca area, this piece is a bright red with a cheerful yellow face and those babies are separate so you can arrange them any way you like...Enjoy!

What kind of wood carvings do you collect?



Summer Mexican Party Decoration Ideas

Posted by Anne Damon in Fiesta, Paper Folk Art   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

I have to believe that at some point, warmth and summer will arrive in Minnesota, though it is NOT today! Someone was just in the shop looking for Mexican paper decorations to fiesta-up her father's 80th birthday party in Boston and here's what she bought...

Mexican Paper Flowers


Some lovely folding flowers to hang over the table and then some of these paper lanterns to add a little more color...

Mexican Paper Fiesta Decorations


And she's going to come back for some pinatas for the grandkids to whack at...


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