Ok, if you're not thinking of proposing to someone and you're tired of giving the same box of chocolates, the same bouquet of red roses or going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, what could Cupid give this year to reflect love, caring, friendship, affection or just plain old, "I like you."  I've put together a few ideas of gifts that are not the same old, same old, AND tell someone you care about them.

It always helps when giving a gift, to know something about the person and what they like or dislike. That's why we have a WISHLIST in the Mpls shop. But the best gift is one that you choose because you know that person and you think they will like it based on that knowledge...here are a few ideas.

Click through to see the piece in the online shop--if you get the message, "page not found" that means it's been sold.

Jewelry is a pretty traditional for Valentine's Day but these earrings are different from the usual thing because they are handmade of sterling silver in the heartland (get it?) of Mexico. If you'd like to see ALL of the earrings we currently have available, go here.


Silver Hand Earrings

Mexican Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry, Sterling silver earrings from Mexico, Sacred Heart


Mazahua Earrings

Oaxaca Pearl Earrings with Bows



These ideas are for the more unconventional gift-giver and gift-receiver. Many people have collections of different types of Mexican folk art...so how about adding to their collection? Or helping them to get started on one?

One of the most famous folk artists of Mexico is Josefina Aguilar from Oaxaca. She and her sisters are carrying on the tradition of hand building whimsical clay figures, that was started by their mother about 50 years ago. All four sisters are well known folk artists and continue, with their families, to make these charming clay figures. This piece is sold but we have a couple others in stock. This "Frida with her Monkeys" clay figure is signed by Josefina. Any Mexican folk art collector worth their salt would be interested in a figure by this iconic family!

Click on the photo to take you to the website. One of a kind.

Josefina Aguilar

Another category of Mexican folk art collecting which interests many people is Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. November 1 and 2 are some of the most important holidays in Mexico and are days set aside for remembering loved ones who have died. There is nothing scary or morbid about the holiday, but rather it's a time for cleaning and decorating graves, building ofrendas or memorial shrines to those who've died and a time for talking about them, eating their favorite foods and reminiscing about their lives. It's a holiday that we are not familiar with in the United States but it's kind of like a combination of Memorial Day and Thanksgiving. The folk art created during this period of time features catrinas, skeletons and skulls. Take note that they are usually smiling and enjoying things that they enjoyed while they were alive. This particular piece is by a well known paper mache artist of Mexico City.

Our complete Day of the Dead collection is right here.

Day of the Dead Skulls

Another category of Mexican folk art which many people love, is anything related to Frida Kahlo. We have a number of possibilities for the Frida lover in your life. Like most of our pieces, they are limited in quantity because I buy directly from artisans and craftspeople and they often don't have much in stock and I'm pretty picky about what I select. But the Frida pieces we do have are terrific!

Click on the photo to take you to the page on the website where it is available online or to see the whole Frida collection, click here.

Frida Kahlo Bottle Shrine

For bird lovers, we have some gorgeous wood carvings from Oaxaca by one of my favorite families of carvers and painters, the Xuanas.

Xuana Birds


Handwoven scarves? 

Handwoven scarves from Chiapas


Or how about something whimsical? 

Lorenzo paintings

Questions? Comments? I love to hear from you so please share your thoughts! Very Best Valentine's Day wishes to you...Anne


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