Mexican Clay Nun Catrinas by Family of Alvaro de la Cruz from Capula, Michoacan

$ 245.00
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One of a kind, Alvaro de la Cruz family clay catrinas handmade in Capula, Michoacán. These stunning catrinas are flower infested nuns beautifully and pleasingly painted in black robes with touches of color in the flowers of their capes. Both of them also carry a tall flower covered candle and a bouquet of flowers. Both of these catrinas are unsigned. I purchased them from the family of Alvaro de la Cruz in Uruapan during the Semana Santa folk art market in 2019. They are extremely fragile and amazingly detailed in their workmanship. One of each style available. 

Catrinas were popularized by Jose Guadalupe Posada at the turn of the 20th century.

** Packing and shipping of the catrina will be at least $39. Additional handling, shipping and insurance charges will be calculated based on shipping destination and you will be billed by Paypal invoice. These are very fragile and difficult to ship. Or pick it up in the Minneapolis shop.

state of origin: Michoacan
dimensions: approximately 12" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Size
Cross on Head: 1
Cross Around Neck: 0