Sophie Mexican Embroidered Dress, Longer Length

$ 145.00

This Mexican hand-embroidered dress comes from Puebla, Mexico. It is sewn on 100% manta cotton, which is a little stiff at first but after washing (yes, in the washing machine!) it will soften up and be so lovely and comfortable. The gorgeous, colorful hand-done embroidery is unique to each piece. The dresses are trimmed in colored thread along the collar. It's a light weight dress, fantastic for summer weather, as a dress, tunic or beach coverup. The dresses are medium, I would say a size 8-10ish. Wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry or tumble dry on low and they become soft and comfy. 

Some people like to shorten them and others wear them with a belt and cowboy boots...Do your thing with them! This one is longer but could easily be shortened.

The one with two blue flowers is sold!

state of origin:  Puebla
dimensions: 19.5" between armpits, 47" long

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