Painted Red or Navy Blue Gourd Bowl, Large

$ 99.00
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These beautiful bowls are made from large-sized gourds that have been painted inside and out after being lacquered. 

They were painted with an organic laca or lacquer (made from insect parts), allowed to dry and then beautifully painted in Oaxaca. The skill of these artisans is so impressive. They can be used to store things or just for looking at; they are purely decorative and are not meant for serving food. They don't hang on the wall very well but if you added some kind of loop, the painted side would be gorgeous to look at. A lovely, unique gift for someone who appreciates handmade craft. 

One of a kind. 

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 11" wide by 3" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Navy Blue with Flowers: 1
Red with Yellow Flower at top: 0