Triple-Bowl Mexican Talavera Salsa Dish

$ 45.00
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This is a "salsera triple, meaning a Mexicao talavera salsa dish with three attached bowls. We carry this useful dish in several different Mexican talavera patterns. It's perfect for serving different salsas when you have tacos or a variety of condiments at your next party or fiesta. It is one piece.  All of our ceramics are food safe and can go in the oven, microwave and dishwasher (although we recommend hand-washing). 

Ceramics will be packed, shipped and insured by either UPS or FedEx, to increase the likelihood that they will arrive safely. If you should need to make an insurance claim because of broken pieces, you will do it through the carrier that delivered your package, not Zinnia Folk Arts. 

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions: 8.5" across about 2" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Red Petunia: 0
Cobalt & Orange: 1
Orange Hibiscus: 1
Azul y Rojo: 0