Modern Wool Pom Poms Bags from Chiapas

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These are very pretty, large, light wool bags handwoven and bordado a mano in the highlands of Chiapas. These Chamula bolsas or bags are the perfect cross-body length and are large enough to hold the usual purse items--wallet, glasses, phone and more.  Each one is uniquely decorated on the front with nicely made pompoms in the colors listed. The shoulder straps are quite strong because they are braided.  There are no poms on the back, only the front. Two tassels in the lower corners.  I purchased these in Chiapas from the maker. 

Each one is unique in color combo, braided strap, some variation in size. 

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: approx 10-12" wide by 11-14" long, varies between bags

Available: Quantities limited by Size
Light Mauve on light Gray: 0
Light Mauve on Ecru: 0
Blue Gray on Ecru: 0
Red on Black: 0
Olive: 0
Dark Gray: 0
Wheat: 0
Turquoise on Gray: 0
Pale Pink on Plaid: 0
Pale Pink on Gray: 0
Dark Red on Gray: 0