Santa Marta Embroidered Mexican Summer Blouses

$ 116.00
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These are lovely lightweight 100% high quality cotton blouses handmade in Santa Marta, Chiapas, Mexico. The embroidery at the yoke and the sleeves of the blouse is a gorgeously done embroidered thread in the colors listed, with a very sweet dotted design just below the neckline. The embroidery is around the collar and on the tops of the cap sleeve. The seams are hand sewn. The blouse is basically square and is not fitted but could be cinched with a belt. Made by the talented women of Sna Jolobil Weaving Cooperative in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Perfect for those super hot summer days. Lovely silhouette with straight-leg jeans!

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: Medium size, 26" long by 23" wide. Square-ish shape that falls nicely on the body. 

Available: Quantities limited by color
Light Teal/blue: 1
Red Collar: 1
Fuschia: 1
Blue and Lavender: 0