San Andres, Chiapas Red with Multi Woven Tapete, Small

$ 85.00

These stunning "tapetes" or mats were woven on a backstrap loom in San Andres Larrainzar, Chiapas. The weaving of this piece takes from 2-3 weeks because it is handmade in the traditional style, with a supplemental weft, incorporating Mayan symbols of the universe. The colors are predominately the traditional red, with a few accent colors in green, pink, yellow and blue. 

These can be made into striking pillow covers, hung on the wall or simply used on a table to add a texture, color and a global accent to any room.  They are beautiful accent pieces in your home or as a gorgeous gift for someone you know.

3 of the same color combination and size available.

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions: Small 20.5" by 10"
Available: 3