One Spray of Handmade Mexican Aluminum Foil Flowers on Bendable Wire

$ 10.00
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This is a very traditional folk art from Mexico City. These decorative flowers are cut from colored aluminum foil and then formed into a spray of 4 flowers with leaves by attaching them to a bendable wire. I have seen them used to form an arch over a nicho box on the wall, or as a decorative addition to Day of the Dead celebrations. They could be used for fiestas of any type. They are shiny and super pretty and could be combined to make a longer spray. Beautiful on a table as a low decoration. 

One medium spray is $10, large spray is $12.  

state of origin:  Mexico
dimensions:  approx 12" long and 4 flowers with green leaves

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Multi-color: 0
Red: 9
Yellow: 13
Fuschia: 14
Silver: 7
Royal Blue: 9
Large Fuschia: 0
Large Silver: 0
Large Light Pink: 0
Large Blue: 1