Talavera Cradle Flower Boxes

$ 58.00
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Handmade and hand painted in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico, these multi-colored cuna or "cradle" flower boxes are ideal for almost any setting--especially in the backyard, balcony, deck or patio! The classic talavera design is perfect Mexican design. The boxes can accommodate 3-4 small plants, flowering or not. The new flower boxes have holes in the bottom, the vintage one does not. 

Shipping of talavera ceramics is not free. If the price of packing, insurance and shipping exceeds our deposit of $35.99, you will receive a Paypal invoice for the difference within several days of purchase. Our ceramics are packed and shipped by UPS and it may take a few days to get the final cost. 

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: 11" long by 5.5" wide, 4.5" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Vintage: 1
New: 0