Ana Blouse from San Felipe de los Herreros, Michoacán, Short Sleeves

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These are exceptionally beautiful blouses that I've purchased on past visits to the Holy Week Artisan Market.  On my most recent visit to the Uruapan Artisan Market during Semana Santa, I stumbled across a Women's Cooperative of 8 women from San Felipe de los Herreros.  I bought these blouses from them and am keeping one for myself--those of you who know me, know I only keep the truly exquisite and difficult to find pieces. This is one of them! 

The white cotton is a medium weight and the blouse is pieced together, all hand sewn but the even more amazing part is the "deshilado" or the "dethreading" of the yoke, shoulders and arms. The threads are literally picked out into the, stars, abstract. The longer sleeved versions are all about 3/4 length sleeves. These are shorter sleeved versions and you can tighten the sleeves to make them puffier, if you like. Or leave the little threads to dangle, which is what I intend to do.  

This is a beautiful blouse that can be tucked in or left out. It's a timeless work of art that will be handed down to daughters in the future. I'll be wearing mine a lot this summer...

state of origin: Michoacán

Straight neck: 13" at shoulder, 14" under smocking, then flares to 24" at bottom; best guess on size is Size Small; Women's 4-6 

Scalloped neck: 15" at shoulder, 15" under smocking, then flares to 22" at bottom; best guess on size is Size Medium: Women's 6-8


Available: Quantities limited by Color
Straight Neckline, short sleeve: 1
Scalloped Neck/3 Roses: 1
Scalloped Neck/Flowers & Branches: 0