Otomi Embroidered Long Table Runner

$ 175.00
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This long table runner was made by the Otomí Indians of Hidalgo, Mexico. It is embroidered on an off-white muslin. The Otomi people have moved all over the country and their goods can be found in many places all over Mexico. Our Otomi textiles are of the highest quality--prewashed and no visible pencil lines.

These textiles can be washed in cold water and line dried. They may need a little ironing after drying, if you're fussy about that kind of thing. 

$175 each

Dark blue runner has two small pink marks. See last 4 photos of blue runner--very small and not visible from a distance. For this reason, it is marked down to $165. 

state of origin: Hidalgo
dimensions: 14.5"-16" wide by 6' long

Available: Quantities limited by COLOR
Dark Blue--AS IS; See last 4 photos: 0
Emerald Green: 1
Wheat: 0
Black: 0
Honey Gold: 0
French Blue: 0