Coconut Faces

$ 24.00
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Green with Knobs
Red with Cones
Orange Fuzzy
Blue Helmet
Sun Pods
Turq Bow
Pink Fish
Pink Cones 1
Green with Spikes
Pink Cones 2
Blue with Cones
Orange with Seashells
Orange with Cones
Green Urchin on Top
Curly Q
Yellow Coils
Three pink spikes
One orange/yellow spike
3 Spikes Turq #2
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These whimsical masks are handmade in Guerrero, Mexico, from coconuts! The coconut is cut in half, hollowed out, and organic materials like seedpods, cones, and fibers are attached. Then the surface is painted in bright, glossy colors. How about one of these joyful faces for your wall? They are somewhat fragile--probably not ideal for clumsy people or kids who tend to knock things off the wall. Just say'n. 

Select your coco mask from the dropdown menu. You will receive that mask. $24 each. 

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: approx 5-8" (varies from mask to mask)

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Green with Knobs: 0
Red with Cones: 0
Orange Fuzzy: 0
Blue Helmet: 0
Sun Pods: 0
Turq Bow: 0
Pink Fish: 0
Pink Cones 1: 0
Green with Spikes: 0
Watermelon: 0
Pink Cones 2: 0
Tiger: 0
Blue with Cones: 0
Orange with Seashells: 0
Orange with Cones: 0
Green Urchin on Top: 0
Curly Q: 0
Yellow Coils: 0
Three pink spikes: 0
One orange/yellow spike: 0
3 Spikes Turq #2: 0
King: 0