Huichol Ojo De Dios or God's Eye

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These lovely handmade Ojos de Dios were made by the Huichol Indians of Mexico. Do you remember making these when you were young? Mine were not this well made, I assure you. The Huichol are a group of people primarily from Nayarit, the Mexican state just to the north and east of Puerto Vallarta. The ojos are made of yarn in gorgeous bright color combinations and large pom poms. Perfect for decorating your wall and for keeping the Eye of God on you to keep you safe and protected.  

state of origin:  Nayarit
dimensions: approximately 12" by 9"
Available: Quantities limited by Title
Bright Pink with Purple and Green: 0
Pink with purple and Coral: 0
Blue with Orange: 0
Bright Orange and Red: 0
Pink with Red: 0
Lime Green with Blue: 0
Dark Blue with Yellow and Pink: 0