Vintage Multi-Color on Black Guatemalan Huipil, Closed Sides

$ 175.00

This is a striking, vintage huipil, or over blouse, woven and worn by a Mayan woman in Guatemala. The bright color combination of various Mayan symbols is done on top of black cotton blend. It's not fitted, so it is perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or with a belt over a full skirt. Huipils are woven as two separate strips on a backstrap loom, then made into blouses by sewing the two pieces together down the center. This is a colorful and exuberant huipil. As I was photographing it, I noticed there is a small zipper in the front. It easily fits over the head and fits all arm sizes. 

The size is medium-medium large. Huipils are basically a square shape so they are not fitted and VERY comfortable. This one is closed on the sides so it can either be worn over another top or worn alone.

state of origin:  Guatemala

dimensions: 31" wide by 26" long, medium-medium large size, longer length

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