Coconut Masks

$ 24.00

These whimsical masks are handmade in Guerrero, Mexico, from coconuts! The coconut is cut in half, hollowed out, and organic materials like seedpods, cones, and fibers are detached. Then the surface is painted in bright, glossy colors. How about one of these joyful faces for your wall? They are somewhat fragile--probably not ideal for clumsy people or kids who tend to knock things off the wall. Just say'n. 

We have a changing collection of coco masks--see photos for our current availability. Let us know in the comments which one (or more) you would like. $24 each.

One of each available (in order of photographs):

Watermelon Hat
Red Apple
Man with Goatee and Hat
Chubby Tomato
Some kind of red orange fruit
Curly Top Bun
Hair-Raising Hairdo
Three-Pigtail Hairdo

state of origin:  Guerrero
dimensions:  approx 5-8"; depends on the coco

Available: 8