Otomí Tablecloth, Bedspread or Tenango

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Authentic, hand embroidered Mexican Otomí table cloths or "tenangos." With these very large, approximately 6' by 6' tablecloths or bedspreads, you can cover headboards, make lampshades, make curtains, make a duvet coverlet or use as a folded bedding cover at the the base of the bed. They can be hung as a striking wall hanging. They are hand embroidered section by section on off-white muslin. They have been washed in cold water, then ironed. Our pieces never have visible pencil lines.

Don't settle for an imitation tenango or pillows that were made in China--buy the real thing to support traditions that are being copied by unscrupulous corporations to the detriment of the Otomí embroiderers. 

We are extremely picky about design composition and the quality of the embroidery. Anne personally selects every piece. These beautiful tenangos were handmade over several months by experienced artisans.  

$495 each, can be special ordered in the color you want. After ordering, it may take 4-6 months to obtain. 

state of origin: Hidalgo, Mexico
dimensions: approximately 6' by 6' (2 meters x 2 meters)

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Wheat: 0
Dark Red: 0
Multi-Color: 0
Periwinkle: 0
Sunflower Yellow: 0
Dark Gray: 0
Mustard: 0
Navy Blue: 0
Light Gray: 0