Vintage Woven & Embroidered Guatemalan Tablecloth

$ 225.00
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Expertly handwoven and embroidered, vintage, small table cloth or camino de mesa (table runner) from Guatemala.  So many of the gorgeous Mayan textiles are woven either in Guatemala or in Chiapas. This is a more square cloth that can be used as a table covering or as a gorgeous wall hanging.  The piece is two separate handwoven strips that are embroidered together in the center.  The color combinations are multi-colored green, blue, purples, pink, white and oranges on a lovely aged pinkish red background. The images are of Mayan symbols for birds, frogs, chickens and other animals.  It was woven on a back strap loom.  

One of a kind

state of origin:  Guatemala
dimensions: 35" by 32"
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