Amate Painting, Pre-owned

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"Amatl (Amate {Spanish}) from the Nahuatl language means “paper”. Amate is made from the pulp of the fig and mulberry trees. The state of Puebla to the east of Mexico City is known for their amate paper production and the artisans in small town San Pablito, who are of Otomί ancestery, continue to practice this ancient tradition of paper making. To the southwest in the State of Guerrero, amate paper is brightly decorated with beautiful scenes depicting everyday life of the villagers, such as the harvest, fiestas, weddings, religious customs and wildlife." International Folk Art Museum

This medium-large amate painting depicts a cheerful, fantastical scene of birds and flourishes painted in bright colors. There are a couple of tears in the paper (remember it is made of tree pulp and is smooshed together to make paper so sometimes the lines of smooshing come apart) but they are not very noticeable (see last two photos). These paintings are somewhat fragile. Pre-owned by a collector in the Twin Cities. 

Shipping will be by UPS and is $24.99. Or pick up in the Twin Cities! 

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: approximately 28" wide by 19" tall, unframed

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