Faded Vintage Baule Throws from Ivory Coast

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Dark Blue with Pink
Dark Blue with Orange
Light Blue with Orange

These lovely, faded and soft textiles hail from the Ivory Coast. I purchased them on my trip to the International Folk Art Festival this summer. They are indigo dyed strips of hand spun cotton attached to each other with hand stitching in a brighter color to make a lovely throw, tablecloth or wrap. Such a beautiful and subtle interplay between the color palettes of indigo and orange or pink. They are used, so they are slightly faded, may have irregularities and mending. Use to make pillows, cover a lampshade, on the back of a couch or as a bed runner. Enjoy! 

state of origin:  Ivory Coast, Africa
dimensions:  approx 36" by 56" 

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Dark Blue with Pink: 1
Dark Blue with Orange: 0
Light Blue with Orange: 0