Vintage Lacquer Boxes

$ 25.00

These as-is peeling, small, lacquered, Olínala boxes are available to purchase, even though they go against my proclivity to only sell items that are in excellent to good condition. These little boxes are in very bad condition. But they are so charming and attractive together that I decided to put them on the site. I am a collector of painted boxes and these two have lived with the rest of my boxes for a long time. I think I bought them at a thrift store and they were peeling then. The interesting thing about them is that they illustrate the idea of layering the laca (a mixture of organic matter) over the wooden box. Every piece of lacquer from China, Mexico or other countries is done in a similar way. I love the color of these boxes and if you decide to live with something that is deteriorating, I will wrap them as carefully as I can to get them to you. They are crispy--you can see that some of the laca came off as I was photographing them...

state of origin: Guerrero 
dimensions:   Blue is 4.25"x3.25"x2.25"

Available: 1