Lacquered Folk Art Toy Carousel

$ 110.00
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Mexican folk art toys reflect the artisan's humor and love of the delightful object. These wood, gourd and lacquer carousels were handmade in Olinala, Guerrero and are absolutely delightful. Smiles are popping out all over. They rotate in a circle but they are not intended for children. But they absolutely love them. They are beautifully painted in the Olinala style. The top is a halved gourd that has been dried, lacquered and painted. The rest of it is constructed of wood, then lacquered. They are whimsical and pleasing. It would be charming in a child's room but is NOT a toy!

The carousel will require additional charges for packing and shipping due to their fragile nature.

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: 13" tall by 7" wide

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