Embroidered Wooly Chiapas Huipil, Long Sleeved

$ 125.00

This is a very pretty, embroidered long sleeve blouse made by a Mayan woman in Aldama Magdalenas, Chiapas. The yoke is made in the same way as our wooly Aldama huipil but with bright red and multi-colors and then rather than a huipil, it's been made into a long sleeve lightweight blouse using store bought cotton (aka manta). The yoke is made separately, then sewn to make the blouse. The cuffs have also been decorated in the Aldama style. One of a kind. 

The size is small to medium. They are meant to be loose so the shoulders are the main measurement to pay attention to! Every one is unique.

state of origin:  Chiapas, Mexico

dimensions: 16" wide  at the yoke by 28" long,  small to medium size

Available: 1