"Caritas" Bread Dough Day of the Dead Decorations

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I love these colored dough figures that are used in the state of Oaxaca for decorating the typical "pan de muertos" or Day of the Dead bread. I have never seen them used in any other state. The pointed end of the dough "spirit" is stuck into the bread and the loaf has the appearance of a swaddled baby with a small colorful head sticking out. This group is very large (they are usually quite small) but I thought they were unique and weirdly beautiful. The perfect one of a kind gift for the Day of the Dead collector in your life. 

Here's an article from National Geographic about the caritas of Oaxaca. 

$18 each, one of each available
Photo Credit for last photo: Oaxaca-The Year After

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: about 8" by about 4"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Green with Flowers: 0
Orange Catrin: 0
Blue with Flowers: 0
Red with Cross: 0
Blue with one Flower: 0