Wood Tablet with Guadalupe and Gold Leaf Edging, Two Sizes

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These lovely, somewhat primitive paintings of the Virgen de Guadalupe on arched pieces of wood are from Michoacán. They were all painted by the same artisan but if you look closely, there are small differences--eyes open, eyes closed, angel smiling, angel not smiling. All are painted in a muted palette that makes them look older but they were made recently. The edges are trimmed in a gold leaf paint so the edges have a little shine to them. The Virgen is always wearing her deep blue rebozo and the radiant light beams from around her. They have a hook on the back to allow them to hang on the wall.

state of origin:  Michoacán
dimensions: Small: 5.75" by 3.5"     Med: 7.5" by 4.25" wide

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