Metepec Ceramic Tree of Life

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Trees of life are a traditional Mexican object usually with a tree trunk and several branches and candle holders on top. They usually contain images of Christianity such as Adam and Eve, nativity scenes or the crucifixion flanked by angels and flowers. But not always! Sometimes they have saints, animals, local fiestas and flowers as inspiration. They are used during special holidays and celebrations as candleholders and originally were given as gifts to young newlyweds to bring fertility. 

These two trees of life from Metepec, Mexico are the old traditional style. They feature dark blue-purple, pink, orange and yellow with gold accents. The "balls" are attached with wires as are the angels above, and they can be moved to the position you like. The tree features Jesus at the top and he's holding the globe. Adam and Eve are there too. Super traditional and very heavy ceramic.

Two available and they don't differ significantly except in the color of the flower at the bottom (pink or yellow) and the color of the animals at the bottom.  

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state of origin:  The Federal District, Metepec
dimensions:  approx 14" tall by 12" wide
Available: Quantities limited by Color
Pink Flower at Base: 0
Yellow Flower at Base: 0