La Virgen de Guadalupe, Maria Carmina Painted Digital Art

$ 175.00
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These beautiful works of fine art were conceived and made by the Mexico City artist, Mary Carmina. She does many kinds of artwork (we've carried her beautiful boxes and nichos in the past) and is now working in digital art. These images of the Virgin de Guadalupe are first produced on the computer by Maria in her own creative way, then she hand paints each one with acrylic and watercolor paints. They are on canvas. Every piece is one of a kind and the color combinations are unique and recognizable. Maria's many talents have been exhibited at the Museo de Arte Popular and many other museums and galleries throughout Mexico. 

The are signed and ready for framing.

One of each available, One green, One blue

state of origin: Mexico City
dimensions: 15" by 11" 

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Blue Background: 1
Green Background: 1