Whimsical Lorenzo Family Folk Art Paintings on Masonite, Framed

$ 65.00
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Painted on masonite with acrylic paint, these whimsical and colorful paintings are done by the Lorenzo family of Guerrero. The paintings we offer today are unique!  The whimsical folk art paintings are families of tigres or luchadores. They are brightly painted with colorful backgrounds and nice combinations of color. They are framed with a simple, colorful wooden frame that enhances the charming painting.  

One of each available; $65 each with frame

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: 9" tall by 6.75" wide

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Jaguar Friends-green frame: 0
Jaguars-Turquoise Frame: 0
Luchadores-Red Frame: 0
Jaguar Weightlifting: 0