Guanajuato Silver Baroque Earrings with 3 Dangles, Large

$ 145.00
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These are super gorgeous and unique earrings only made in Guanajuato by an extremely talented artisan. We've carried his earrings before and they are SO pretty but the little details are hard to catch in a photograph. Here are a few photos that do a fairly good job of showing the intricacy, the sweetness of the tiny bird in flight and the little, teeny turquoise and red beads. The silver is white silver, shiny and sets off the complexity of the earring in a fine way. This jeweler makes other earrings in other shapes and sizes but the front always has a bird, leaves and flowers and tiny little blue beads. They have three small silver "gotes" or drops on the bottom.  They are stunning and are just right for special occasions! 

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  approx 2" long and .7" wide

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