Mexican Folk Art Red Nicho Box with Glass Door

$ 165.00
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Nichos are wood or metal box-shaped reliquaries usually with an open front. They are meant to be personal devotional altars for home or workplace. They can be simple or ornate, incorporating religious images, statuettes, medals, milagros, glitter, photos and objects of significance.

This beautiful nicho box was made in Jalisco and features a glass door that latches on the side and can be opened, if you so choose. The image of Christ is serene in his green robe and the color combination of the background with the milagros and the small dried flowers at the base is lovely. Sequins and small metal charms decorate the exterior edges of the inside of the box. There is a sacred heart milagro with several crosses on tiny ribbons hanging from the top of the box. It is lovingly created and truly a unique piece.

One of a kind.

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state of origin:  Jalisco
dimensions: 10.5" wide by 16" tall by 2.5" deep

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