Vintage Colorful Huipil from San Mateo, Guatemala

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This is a very beautiful handmade huipil from San Mateo Ixtatán, Guatemala. This small town is located at 8,000 feet elevation so it's cold and often covered with clouds. These heavy huipils are made by first folding several layers of muslin into a certain shape, then the beautiful red, orange, purple, green, yellow, white and blue embroidery is sewn through the layers of fabric. It results in a heavy, warm top that is sometimes worn alone but other times with a off-white muslin blouse/shirt attached underneath. The key word is "keeping warm." I found this huipil in Oaxaca, one of the states closest to Guatemala, and I was thrilled to find something so beautiful and unusual. It is also stunning as a wall-hanging. The pattern covers all sides--front, back and inside. It has been worn, so the edges are slightly frayed and some threads have been worn away but it does not take away from the beauty!

state of origin: Guatemala
dimensions: Adult: approx 38" by 25"


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