Mask Maker Potato Paste Retablo, Peru

$ 450.00

This medium sized retablo box or portable shrine, comes from Peru. It is constructed of a handmade and carved wooden box with doors and is beautifully painted in typical Peruvian flower motifs.  Flowers adorn the outside of this gorgeous box. They look like zinnias to me. The doors close nicely and open to display a scene made of potato paste. YES, potato paste. This particular scene is one of a mask maker shop, filled with masks on the wall in the background but also being worn by the children and adults in the foreground. The craftsmanship of working in this medium  is astounding!  This is a craft that is found in Peru, made most famous by Jimenez family. This truly exceptional box was made by Claudio Jimenez Quispe from Ayucucho, Peru. It is signed on the back. Closed or open, it is a stunning piece! 

One of a kind. I purchased this from the artist at the International Folk Art Market in July, 2022. 

state of origin: Peru
dimensions:  6" wide by about 11" tall when closed, 11.75" wide and 11" tall when open

Available: 1