Mexican Orange Peel Necklaces

$ 21.00
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Super fun and lightweight handmade necklaces made from dried orange peel. No clasp; it fits over the head. These are made in several locations in Mexico, but I purchased these from an artisan in Chiapas. They are made by first peeling the orange with an orange peeling machine, then are dyed and cut into small discs or rotated to make a "rose" shape. Finally, they are threaded with beads on fine thread. They have a very faint aroma of orange. How do you like that for using what's available to make art?

Let us know if you have a color preference 

With "rose," colors available: SOLD OUT
Without "rose," colors available:  1 Yellow

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: 14" long, about 28" around

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Yellow, no rose: 1
Solid Color with "Rose": 0