Handmade Spring Design Plates

$ 20.00
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These beautiful handmade and hand-painted plates are painted with one color in a wispy colored design on an off-white background. Each one is painted individually in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato. Lovely idea for a housewarming, wedding or anniversary gift. Super pretty!  

If you need more of a particular design, all of these designs can be special ordered on the Tableware Special Orders Page.

Our talavera is food-safe, lead-free and can go in the microwave or oven. We recommend hand washing. 

Shipping charges are not included. At checkout you will make a $35.99 deposit to cover packing, shipping and insurance through UPS, and if it's more than that, we will bill you for the additional cost through Paypal after it is packed and ready to ship to you.

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  Dessert: 8" across, Dinner plate: 10 3/8" , Large Dinner Plate: 11.5"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
7" Dessert plate-yellow: 10
7" Dessert plate-cobalt: 10
10" Dinner Plate-Cobalt: 0
10" Dinner plate-yellow: 0
10"Dinner plate-turquoise: 0
10" Dinner Plate-coral: 0
11.5" Dinner Plate-Yellow: 0
11.5" Dinner Plate-Turquoise: 0
7" Dessert Plate-Turquoise: 0
7" Dessert Plate-coral: 0
11.5" Large Dinner Plate-Cobalt: 0
11.5" Large Dinner Plates-Coral: 0