Fuschia & Caramel Striped Tablerunner

$ 145.00

Expertly handwoven, striped Mexican rebozos or camino de mesa (tablerunners) from the tiny town of Pantelho, Chiapas. The women from this little town create the most beautiful striped pieces of textile in the world (in my humble opinion). These are long "rebozos" or shawls that can be used as a table runner or as a gorgeous wall hanging.   The color combinations in the stripes are predominately reds and white and oranges and browns. They are cheerful and charming in almost any room. It was created by the women  at J'Pas Women's Coop in San Cristóbal de las Casas. It was woven on a back strap loom. The ends of the warp are braided to add just a little more deliciousness. 100% cotton. 

One of a kind

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions: 19.5" by 80" long

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