Michoacán Story Cloth Textiles, Small

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These hand-embroidered story-cloth textiles are made by the Purépecha women of Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán. Story cloths are a folk art tradition in many countries around the world. In the Twin Cities we are familiar with the Hmong story cloths from the highlands of Laos. These, from Mexico, describe daily activities of rural Michoacán including the Day of the Dead, fishing and farming, cooking, and doing daily activities under the mountain scenes of their state. Here's a little more information about them. These are wonderful framed and look great together as a group.  

One of a kind.

state of origin: Michoacán 
dimensions: approx 7.5" by 7.5" with some variation due to their handmade nature

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Yellow-red trim: 0
Blue-dance of the fish: 0
Yellow-orange trim: 0
Purple: 0
Yellow-Wedding: 0
Dark Blue-Dance of the Fishes: 0
Blue-dance of the viejitos: 0
Orange: 0
Dark Black: 0