Vibrant Mexican Machine-Embroidered Placemats

$ 35.00
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Gorgeous! These placemats come from southern Mexico and are machine stitched on top of colorful cotton in the most lively and vibrant colors. And when I say they are "machine stitched," I mean they are machine stitched by a woman using a sewing machine, not by a machine.  Each one is unique and can be used as a centerpiece or in a group. The color listed is the color of the background fabric--quantities and colors available are listed. They all go well together so try mixing! The photograph is an example of the type of color combination you will receive. Each placemat is different. We cannot guarantee you will receive the placemat in the photo because they are all different. 

$30 each

state of origin: Oaxaca, Chiapas
dimensions: approx 18" by 12.5" with slight variations

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Multi-Color on Black: 20
Multi-color on Dark Blue: 2
Multi-color on Dark Green: 0
Multi-Color on Red: 5
Various Blues on Off-White: 8
Dark Blue on Off-white: 6
Multi-Color on Light Yellow: 4
Multi-Color on Orange: 2