Authentic Extra Large Vintage Saltillo Serape, Olive, Rust and Cream

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An extra large size, predominately autumn colors Mexican Saltillo serape from circa 1950's.  That's a guess on my part. This serape features woven wool with a lovely center diamond tapestry of wool thread, predominately in rust, olive and green. The background is a dark olive green interspersed with bands of rust and some ombre bands of yellows, oranges and blues. The side edges are straight. The warp fringe is in poor condition on both ends. The fringe tells us that the warp is made of cotton thread but someone didn't take care of it! The colors are vivid, not faded. There are no holes, as there sometimes are, in these old wool pieces. There are a number of stains on one side of the blanket. I have not tried to get them out.  The blanket is in good condition, except for the stains and the fringe, considering it's somewhere around 60 years old. No pet hair or smoke smell. It's made of wool and cotton. One of a kind. 

Here's a little more info about saltillo blankets.

state of origin: Saltillo, Coahuila
dimensions: 83" long by 49"wide, twin size bed

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