Guatemalan Jade and Stainless Steel Earring, Variety of Shapes

$ 35.00
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This group of lovely light and dark green jade earrings are made in Guatemala. The jade of Guatemala is different from that of Asia but no less beautiful in my mind. These pieces of jade are set in very pretty and simple stainless steel designs and the ear hook is also stainless steel. As you know, Chiapas is very close to Guatemala and both places are inhabited by the Mayan people. There is a lot of commerce between the two countries and these jade earrings were purchased in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Last Pair! 

state of origin:  Guatemala 
dimensions:  approx 1.25" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Dark Teardrop: 1
Dark Rectangle: 0
Light Diamond: 0
Light Oval: 0
Light Teardrop: 0
Dark Oval: 0
Light Round: 0