Set of 5 Painted Tin Ornaments

$ 25.00

Ornaments made in Mexico! Mexican tin ornaments! They are one of the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Mexico's Christmas decorations. These hand-cut and painted tin ornaments come from one of the tin-making centers of Mexico, Oaxaca. We have a variety of ornaments and keeping up with the exact inventory is impossible, so please let us choose for you. However, let us know any preferences you may have. Learn more about Mexico's tin folk art

Christmas motifs: bells, angels, candles, lanterns, sacred hearts, moons, santa, Christmas trees--please allow us to choose, there are many different types, not reflected in the photos but all beautifull!

$5 each; minimum order of 5

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions: approx. 3" tall

Available: 6