Wool Pompoms, Mixed Colors, Set of 5 or 6 Poms and Tassel

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Gorgeous handmade wool pompoms that are sometimes attached to rebozos or hats from the mountains of Chiapas. They come as a set of pompoms in either mixed greens or mixed blues on a braided string. The 5 or 6 poms are united at the top by a braided loop. These can be used as a fun, colorful hanging decoration on a door or wall. Very cute in a child's room or to add a dash of color to a neutral colored space. A matching yarn tassel is at the bottom. Beautifully made in the pompom capital of the world! 

Some of the sets have 5 and others have 6 poms and they vary in blues or green hue--they may not be identical to the photo. REMEMBER, they are handmade!  

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions:  group of 5 pompoms and tassel is about 16" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Mixed Greens: 0
Mixed Pale Green, Blue, Beige: 0
Mixed Pinks and Red: 0
Mixed Blues: 0