Blue Clay Candle Holders, Michoacán

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Trees of life are a traditional Mexican object usually with a tree trunk and several branches and candle holders on top. They usually contain images of Christianity such as Adam and Eve, nativity scenes or the crucifixion flanked by angels and flowers. But not always! Sometimes they have saints, animals, local fiestas and flowers as inspiration. They are used during special holidays and celebrations as candleholders and originally were given as gifts to young newlyweds to bring fertility. This group of candle holders was handmade in Michoacán and though I hesitate to call them trees of life because they don't contain the traditional items, they are stunningly glazed and decorated with the joys of life--birds, flowers, butterflies and the hold 3 candles at the top. Typically, these candleholders are black, not rich dark blue, but because of the color, I found them irresistible. The back side is the more typical very dark black. 

Each one is one of a kind. The two large ones differ at the bottom and are identified by "rose" or "birds" which refers to the bottom decoration. 

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state of origin:  Michoacán 
dimensions:  Large: 12" tall by 11" wide  Medium: 11" by 8.5"
Available: Quantities limited by Size
Medium: 1
Birds: 0
Rose: 1