Carved and Painted Musicians, Avelino Perez, La Unión Tejalápan

$ 155.00
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These very beautiful carved and softly painted birds were carved and painted by Avelino Perez, of La Unión Tejalápan. If you are familiar with the carvings of La Unión, they are usually quite rustic and whimsical. These musical birds by Avelino Perez feature his amazing color choices on the bird's outfits and the whimsical carving of them playing instruments (with human hands) are typical of Avelino's sophisticated style. His carvings are a very collectible artwork from Oaxaca.  Comes with the carved microphone. Signed on the back. 

One of a kind, one of each available

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions:  approx 7" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Cockatiel with Violin: 1
Cardinal with Yamaha Guitar: 0