Chiapas Amber with Guatemalan Jade Earrings

$ 62.00
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Chiapas is the home of some of the world's prettiest amber--a stone that is actually fossilized tree resin. These very pretty and unique earrings are combine amber with Guatemalan jade, either a medium shade or very dark (almost black).  Every pair is one of a kind. The ear hook is sterling silver. These were made and purchased in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. 

Each earring is slightly different in shape. Allow us to choose from what we have available! 

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: all approx 2" in length

Available: Quantities limited by Material
Jade Square on Top: 0
Jade Cylinder on Top: 2
Amber on Top with Dark Jade: 2