Deer with Cactus Antlers, Gabino Reyes

$ 299.00

This stunning wood carving of a deer with flowering cacti for antlers was carved and painted in the remote village of La Union, Oaxaca.  The carvings of La Union are a little more difficult to find than those of other Oaxaca wood carving towns because the town is difficult to reach.  The real work of La Union is farming, so pieces are few and far between. In general, the wood carving of La Union is the older, more rustic style that is done with a machete. However, this piece does not fit into the mold of the usual carving of La Union. Gabino Reyes is a carver with a more sophisticated, immediately recognizable style. He is known for carving pieces that incorporate the Virgin de Guadalupe and pieces that are a little more sophisticated than the famous Santiagos of the same town. The wood is copal, native to the Oaxaca area. The aniline paint colors are muted and well coordinated. Whimsical. His cactus deer are difficult to find. Signed.

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state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 9" long by 10.5" tall

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