Extra Grande Mexican Milagro-Covered Hearts

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These carved extra large Mexican wooden hearts feature either a red or black flame symbolizing the Sacred Heart. Each heart is covered with different milagros. The word "milagro" means “miracle.” These tiny religious charms are generally used to thank or request spiritual help for a specific problem. The milagros are meticulously arranged, then hammered onto the wood. The charms are made of pot metal, a combination of lots of inexpensive metals that are melted together and then placed in a mold to shape them. They are silvery colored (not actual silver). A lovely and popular gift, the hearts come in different sizes and with or without wings (see this page) but these are without wings and are really big!

Please allow us to choose one for you because our stock changes daily and they are all slightly different. They all are one of a kind.

To learn more about milagros, check our blog post about them!

state of origin: Michoacán

dimensions: approx 9.75' tall by 7.25" wide

Available: Quantities limited by Size
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Red: 0