Extra-Large Day of the Dead Skulls

$ 165.00
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Wonderfully detailed, colorfully painted papier-mâché skulls from a Mexico City family that's expert in this medium. This skull is larger than life and is beautifully painted in various color combinations or white with black. The object is decorated all the way around, front to back. Wonderful for celebrating Día de los Muertos or for staring at all year long. Super well crafted and painted. The photos depict the skulls currently available. Each one is unique. Unsigned. 

One of each available. One of a kind.

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state of origin:  Federal District, Mexico
dimensions: approximately 10" tall by 8" wide
Available: Quantities limited by Color
Purple with Pink: 1
White with Black 01: 0
Blue with Green Flowers: 1
White with Black 02: 0