Folk Art Painted Wooden Trays from Oaxaca

$ 199.00
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These stunning, unique wooden painted trays handmade of wood are known as charolas, or trays. This rectangular Mexican charola is meant for display. (A display hook is attached to the back.) I do not recommend using them for serving drinks or food because you might accidentally damage the amazing, whimsical painting. I can see these in a child's room or as a centerpiece of a small wall or hallway. Each is one of a kind.

Signed by the Taller (workshop) in Oaxaca but not by the individual artisan.   

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions: approx. 12" wide by 7.5" tall by 2" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Blue with Animals and Center Cactus: 0
Blue with Fish: 1
Pink with Birds: 1
Blue with Animals and Birds: 0