Frida Kahlo Medium Filagree Silver Earrings with Tiny Beads

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A beautiful, medium size and ornate sterling silver earring made with love in the Estado de Mexico. This is a very pretty traditional arracada shaped earring with a silver flor or flower at the top holding the lovely filagree work that features small amethyst-colored, turquoise-colored beads or seed pearls dangling along the edges. With the exception of the seed pearls, these are not real stones but beads of the same color as the stone. These are the type of earrings that Frida Kahlo loved and wore often. They are not shiny and cannot be made shiny because they are made of oxidized silver.  


state of origin: Mexico
dimensions: 3" long by 1.5" wide

Available: Quantities limited by COLOR
Garnet Beads: 0
Amethyst Beads: 0
Light Coral-pink Beads: 0
Seed Pearls: 0
Red: 0